Strategic Growth Consultant

Decision Makers – Ready to Expedite Your Organization’s Growth?

Let’s bridge the gap between now and where you want your organization to be through Strategic Growth Consulting. I am proud to offer this high-impact tool to decision-makers who are ready to make the big things happen.


JT Nelson Communications, LLC

My clients have seen results with -

  • Leadership and accountability
  • Team productivity and motivation
  • Organizational communication
  • Measurable goals and timelines
  • Identifying revenue generators and how to achieve them
  • Organizational culture
  • Strategies in support of product launches, re-branding or other growth processes
  • Identifying needed resources
  • Management team development
  • Task delegation and bottlenecks
  • Optimize productivity

The Process

The process involves a 6-hour day on-site with you and the team members you’d like to include. I begin by listening to what is going well and where the opportunities are – taking in the whole picture. Then working with you to define what the goals are and what the obstacles are. Finally, we develop a strategic action plan that fits the time/resources you have to devote to making it happen. After the session, I will provide a report of the strategy discussed, along with its milestones and goals.

We will schedule 3 calls that will take place over the course of the next 90 days to evaluate the strategy and set up accountability. This 90-day timeline is proven to be ideal for making a strategic plan work and have a strategy around achieving those goals become a part of your organizational culture.

Decision-makers walk away with an actionable plan and a strategy for implementing it. This plan sets your team up for success through a combination of short and long-term goals with a timeline. We are setting you up for success. I look forward to celebrating the accomplishing the BIG goals with you!

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The JT Nelson Communications Difference –

About the owner, Julie Tarleton Nelson.

I have been in the marketing industry for nearly 20 years, initially on internal corporate marketing teams, and, for the better part of the last decade, as a consultant.

I am also a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with International Coach Federation membership. Together, these skill sets create a powerful combination designed to take your organization to the next level – making the sky the limit.

Julie Headshots

Integrity is my first priority

My clients can trust that we will set realistic, measurable goals, and that we will work toward those goals. We will develop a strategic plan that will be unique to your organization and its needs.

We will check in with those goals regularly. If our strategy is not working, we will adjust it so that our efforts equal the desired results.

The JT Nelson Communications, LLC Mission

Using the powerful tools of marketing & public relations implementation, strategic growth consulting, and executive coaching, I will positively impact the growth of organizations and the people they serve. In other words, our efforts will enable our clients to do more of what they are passionate about.

The ripple effect being businesses are more profitable, non-profits are serving more, families are more prosperous, communities growing, and, ultimately, we have an impact in making the world a better place.